Certechs Indonesia: Avant-Garde Ceramic Machineries

Certechs Indonesia was born in 2001, as the subsidiary of F.D.S ETTMAR SpA. Italy, to provide the supports for Ceramics Industry.

Certechs Indonesia stands out in Indonesian market for over sixteen years of experience in the field of Ceramics machineries for the industry an avant‐garde know‐how, a wide range of products and services able to satisfy all needs, a modern and efficient technical, productive and commercial structure.

Certechs Indonesia has grown its business solely through satisfying its customers and maintaining solid reputation for the support for the Ceramics industry to keep pace the industry trends, emerging technologies and customer’s needs.

Visit Certechs Indonesia’s booth at KERAMIKA 2019 on March 14th-17th, 2019, JCC Senayan, Jakarta