Plywood is wood fabrication made of solid wood that is processed into sheets with the fiber direction on the wooden layer arranged transversely between the bottom layer and the surface layer using a special adhesive.

In plywood production, a log is peeled into sheets of veneer which are then cut to the desired dimensions, dried, patched, glued together and then pressed under high temperature press to form the plywood panel. Depending on the type of log (quality, color etc.) peeled, the veneer sheets will become either face or back veneers, which are the furthest outer layers of the plywood panel, or core veneers which will form the inside layers.

Our plywood products are the perfect choice for any interior work. We offer plywood designed with a more precise dimension as it is of great importance to interior work, particularly for flooring. We invest extensively in technology and employee development to maintain high accuracy and consistency in our products. Additionally, we only use high strength adhesives for our plywood to avoid tear out and ensure durability of your interior products. Alternatively, you may choose the glue type based on your needs.