Why should you join in Megabuild & Keramika

Strong reach out to your intended targets prior to Keramika Indonesia with a defined attendees target of over 40,000 in various tiers and job function of the attendees.
Reach out to the target audience with sufficient clarity on their preferred contact preference, either in traditional way or through digital platform.
Recommendations and promotions of your products via our platform in news portal, social media and data driven website to reach out to those who expressed interest in related products.
Be part of our news and promotion contributor via our news portal.
Schedule meetings or communicate with your potential clients via our business matching platform.
Request for meetings with your desired clients via our targeted attendees programme.
Display your products and campaigns effectively to where your targeted attendees access information on their mobile.
Network with the professional members to strengthen your brand presence through activations with community and through the gala events.
Share your knowledge and how your brand can help the targeted audience through our various learning and knowledge sharing hubs.
Retrieve key information about attendees who visited you to better understand their needs for your follow up actions.

Indonesia and ASEAN

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Construction ceramics
  • Tableware & ornamental ware
  • Roof/clay tiles
  • Sanitary ceramics
  • Furnishing pottery/porcelain

Ceramic Industry Manufacturing covering the following:

  • Chemicals and Refractory Materials
  • Cutting and Polishing Equipment
  • Design Studios
  • Decorative materials
  • Environment protection purification
  • Finishing and surface treatment products and machines
  • Firing and heating machines
  • Glazing, digital printing and decoration machines
  • Grouting, waterproofing and sealing products
  • Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics productions
  • Measuring and Laboratory Equipment
  • Mold, Tools, Spare Parts and accessories
  • Pressing, Forming and Casting Equipment
  • Quality and Process control
  • Raw Materials and Additives
  • Recruitment and Employment agencies
  • Safety devices
  • Sorting, Packaging, Storage, Loading and Transporting
  • Soundproofing Equipment
  • Training & Consultant
  • Other specialty ceramic products

ASEAN Ceramic Manufacturers covering the following:

  • Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of ceramic tiles, construction ceramics, tableware, roof/clay tiles, sanitary ceramic, furnishing, pottery/porcelain, etc.
  • Agents, importers, dealers and distributors in the region
  • Procurement and purchasing specialist
  • Production/plant engineers
  • Other ceramic industry professionals

Indonesia Building & Construction Professional:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Interior Designers & Consultants
  • Landlords and facility owners / operators
  • Trade associations and societies
  • Agents, importers, dealers and distributors in the region