Trout Whole Body Alignment Fabrics are Exported to Italy, SAPFIT Speak With Innovation!

With the technological innovation to promote the equipment revolution, SAPFIT has continuously overcome more than ten technical difficulties in 2017, and successfully developed the Trout body alignment fabric, which truly realizes the one-to-one correspondence between the whole body texture and the inkjet pattern. The effects and crafts have reached the world’s leading level. It was put on the market at the end of 2017. After being put on the market, it has received high praise from the domestic market and accumulated a good reputation. It laid a good foundation for our equipment to be exported to overseas markets.

In the middle of 2018, Italy’s West Sturm and our company signed a contract for the custom-made fabrics of Trout .

In order to realize the overall effect of the West Sturm board, we use high-performance brand equipment and high-precision control software to make the key processes such as alignment and system. The details of the alignment device were reconciled and tested repeatedly. Ensure that the process standards, construction processes, operating processes, and product appearance meet the international standard delivery conditions.

In mid-August, the special fabric of Trout , which was custom-made for the West Sturm, was sent to the port of Guangdong. This is another overseas market expansion project that Sepptech sold to Italy in 2018.

Recently, the equipment has been successfully delivered to the West Sturm factory in Italy, and professional technicians are arranged to guide the installation and commissioning.

After days of testing and adjustment of the precision equipment, production process equipment, materials, power, machinery, cutting processes and qualified operator or the like , have been completed installation, commissioning and enters state . At present, the distribution equipment is stable and the system is accurate.

Trout’s whole body cloth equipment truly realizes the shortcomings of ceramic products, further improving the shortcomings of the second generation of the whole body can not really match, facing the exhaustion of stone resources, the practical application of marble type tiles has gained a broader space in the decorative arts. The visual effect makes the majority of consumers who pursue high quality of life have a new choice.

In the future, we will continue to enhance the innovative design and manufacturing capabilities while increasing cooperation with large-scale projects at home and abroad, further shaping the image and polishing the brand. Constantly improve the international influence of the brand. Helping Chinese ceramic equipment develop from “runners” to “leaders” in the world ceramic equipment industry!